Turning challenges into strengths with a positive approach

We make books for neurodivergent minds!

Your brain is AMAZING and can do wonderful things!
WE have strength based books for our NEURODIVERGENT community. The objectives are to empower the children to be themselves by using strategies like POSITIVE SELF TALK. This will BUILD CONFIDENCE and train their brain to be positive so that they can feel comfortable going out in public and letting their true self shine!

All children have talents that are waiting to be discovered. These books will help them to realize that they are truly unique and special regardless of certain challenges they might face. In fact their challenges may be a part of what makes them special! Let’s acknowledge these obstacles and shape them into something great!

Our books are funny, relatable and teach valuable skills to overcome challenges and increase self esteem in our kiddos! Join the Kiddy Crickets FAMILY and read with us!

Baby Books

Our baby books focus on learning in nature. We believe that using our senses outside is a great way to learn! Our graphics are clear and easy to understand. From colors to shapes-we have you covered. Let’s get messy, play and enjoy the day!

Pre-K to 5th

These books are meant to empower our kiddos! Autism and ADHD are gifts that should be embraced so let’s help them realize their talents. There is also a focus on how thoughts, feelings and behavior connect. Let’s learn about ourselves and maximize our strengths!

Coloring Books

Our coloring books are funny, cute and easy to color. Our younger books cover popular themes such as dinosaurs, trains and unicorns. Our coloring books for older kiddos are meant to build self confidence with positive affirmations as well as strengthen their sense of self.

Notebooks for mom

Moms we got you covered! With our pretty positive affirmation notebooks, you can jot down notes on recipes, behavior tips, new apps and more! You can stick our PROUD MAMA notebooks in your purse, leave it in your car or by your computer at home. Mamas need a little attention too for all daily hard work you do!

Reviews from satisfied parents

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what families have to say:

I love this book! The graphics are so warm, just like the message of the book. That we all have a gift to give and a gifted brain, no matter what, and that there are things we can do to help our body/mind health too. I think this is a must book for every parent with an “energetic” kid (which I had too). I hope this will be a series of books, as it is really phenomenal.

Shasta Tierra

5 stars

Amazon Review

A wonderful book to open up conversations with children about the difference in the way people think. I think young children will enjoy the message and the delightful illustrations. A must read for children with and without ADHD. I highly recommend this book.


5 stars

Amazon Review

I really enjoyed this book. I read it to my kids they enjoyed it and they loved the colorful pictures.

Melinda Perez

5 stars

Amazon Review