Kiddy Crickets is a mother daughter duo that was created to help neurodivergent families thrive in a happy home. We have discovered that it really does take a village to raise a child and we, as a neurodivergent community, have to work together to share information, tips, resources and anything that will make our home a happy place to be. As a neurodivergent family ourselves (ADHD & Autism) we decided that we need to share what we’ve learned to help other families who might be going through the same struggles. We also decided that we want to focus on sharing happiness as well as how to overcome obstacles. Happiness comes from many places and has many components to it. As a family we’ve learned techniques ourselves and how to work together to make all of our personalities work together. It can be challenging to understand different minds but once we understand each other then we can work on how to maximize strengths and potential.

We would like all neurodivergent families to maximize happiness in the home so our kiddos can thrive! Our goal is to empower kiddos and their families to be proud of their unique minds and traits. We want our neurodivergent families to find their strengths and love who they are. When a home is filled with love and cooperation then our kiddo’s potential is limitless!

Elena has her MA is School Counseling and has worked in Kinder through college settings throughout her professional career. After working with the neurodivergent community for 6 years, she applied what she learned in her own family to help her brother who is severly autistic. After having her daughter, she realized that every mind learns at a different pace and in a different way as her daughter did. While extremely intelligent in many areas, she saw that her daughter struggled with verbal instructions and group work. She also noticed that her daughter had sensory issues that were extreme when she was young but over time had learned to manage and decrease symptoms with diet, exercise and desensitization methods. In 2nd grade she was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (inattentive type), so her mind operated in a different way. Our family decided to focus on her strengths and highlight those through positive affirmations, visuals and reinforcement while helping her through the tough areas in school and in life. ADHD folks have struggles with the executive functioning part of their brains so this is an area that we dove into and learned about so that we would be able to not only understand but help our kiddo. In addition we’ve discovered major strengths (memory, attention to detail, etc.) that we wanted to focus on. This would go unnoticed in school and other settings so we decided to highlight these strengths at home.

The story goes on, but the moral of the story is that we have a huge spot in our hearts for the neurodivergent community and have learned through college courses, personal experience and research about how to support and help neurodivergent kiddos thrive. We’ve learned that EVERYONE’s mind is different and works in it’s own way including our own. The strengths with in this community are immeasurable and we do not want them to go unnoticed. We need these minds in our world to think outside the box and create, invent and explore. We found out that this is the path we were meant to be on and this became our mission to help other families similar to ours. Life doesn’t have to be a struggle, we can make our own amazing path because every child is fabulous. With support, positivity, nature and the right diet we can help our families thrive!

What our focus is


We have learned to use positivity to turn our obstacles into strengths and we want to share our discoveries with you!


Mother nature is our salve. We use nature in everything we do, from our books to our activities to play time we try to incorporate nature in any way we can.