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We are are all too familiar with the food sensitivities and aversions our kiddos have. What we tend to forget is how the absence of certain foods means the absence of some very important vitamins. Let’s dive into how food (or the lack of) are affecting our kiddos’ moods and what we can do about it! Don’t worry- there is a will there is a way!

Auditory processing disorder and ADHD:

The common connection. Let’s get into how many of our kiddos have auditory processing disorder, how we can help them and where to start. Once you find out how common this is, you will want to look into this! Read more…

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Nature is the answer: The benefits nature has on learning

Mother nature is the answer to everything health related. If you can tap into nature with education, food or fun then you are on the right track!

Ultimate guide for sensory items while traveling

Let’s talk about how we can utilize sensory products to calm our kiddo in any environment.


Let’s talk about how we can change our mindset, why it’s important to be the role model for this mindset and why it is important to start early.


The sensory struggle is real! whether it is food, noise, clothing or just about anything that touches the skin, our families know that sensory processing is hard for our kiddos. A way to help our kiddos is to create a space in your home that will allow your kiddo to get the sensory stimulation they need! Let’s learn how to put one together in our own home.


Whether you have a small or a large budget, you can create one today!

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How visual thinking, learning and autism are all related

Let’s get into how many kiddos with autism tend to be visual thinkers and how we can use this to make their lives a little easier.

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Broccoli sprouts: Why your kiddo needs this in their diet

Have you tried these little magical sprouts yet? They are easy to incorporate into your kiddo’s diet and the effects are truly magical. We tell you what they are, benefits for your kiddo and provide recipes! We got you covered!

stimming in public?

Should a child stim in public? Is this socially appropriate? Should we let our kiddo stim all they want? Does this help them? All common questions that pop up in a families’ thought process. Let’s dive into how this is a common thought, what stimming is and why it is important.

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Top 3 homeschool programs-ADHD

If you are considering homeschool as an option for your kiddo, we got you covered! Read about the top 3 homeschool programs for ADHD.

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What is the difference between homeschool and microschool?

If you are considering homeschool as an option for your neurodivergent kiddo, you might want to consider microschool! Let’s dive into what this is, how it differs from homeschool and where you should start.

Homeschool your child like a pro!: Tips on how to homeschool your high functioning autistic kiddo

Celebrating Individuality: Encouraging a Strong Sense of Self for Neurodivergent girls (Autism & ADHD)

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How Neuroplasticity affects the brain in autism and ADHD kiddos