Autism & ADHD sensory products for traveling

The Ultimate Guide to Sensory Products While Traveling with your kiddo!

Are you looking for sensory products to help your autistic or ADHD child stay calm and focused while traveling? You’ve come to the right place! In this ultimate guide, we’ll be discussing the best sensory products that are designed to help on-the-go with autistic and ADHD kids. From weighted blankets and fidget toys to noise cancelling headphones and calming essential oils, there are a variety of sensory products available to help make any trip more enjoyable for both parent and child. Keep reading to find out which products are best suited for your needs!

What are Sensory Products?

Sensory products are items designed to provide comfort and promote relaxation for children with autism and ADHD. These products are carefully crafted to address sensory issues, which can range from overstimulation to under-stimulation of the senses. Children with autism and ADHD can benefit greatly from sensory products, as they provide an outlet for them to explore, express themselves, and feel comfortable in their surroundings.

Sensory products can include anything from weighted blankets and lap pads to fidget toys and chewable necklaces. Each item serves a specific purpose and can be used in different ways to provide sensory relief and comfort. Sensory products are especially useful when traveling, as they help children stay calm and relaxed even in unfamiliar environments.

The use of sensory products for children with autism and ADHD has gained widespread acceptance and is now considered a mainstream therapeutic approach. Sensory products can help children:

*Manage their emotions

*Reduce anxiety

*Improve their ability to focus and learn

Parents, teachers, and therapists all recognize the benefits of sensory products and the positive impact they can have on a child’s development and overall well-being.

Benefits of Using Sensory Products for Autistic and ADHD Children

Traveling with autistic and ADHD children can be challenging, but using sensory products can make a significant difference in their overall experience. Here are some of the benefits of using sensory products while traveling:

1. Provides a Sense of Security and Comfort

Sensory products like weighted blankets, lap pads, and chewable necklaces can help children feel secure and comfortable while traveling. These items offer deep pressure stimulation that helps calm and regulate the nervous system.

2. Helps with Sensory Overload

Traveling can be overwhelming for autistic and ADHD children due to sensory overload. Sensory products like noise-canceling headphones, earplugs, and scented items can help reduce the impact of external stimuli and make the environment more manageable.

3. Promotes Calming and Relaxation

Sensory brushes and textured balls can provide a tactile sensory experience that helps promote calming and relaxation. These items help children focus their attention and reduce anxiety and stress while traveling.

4. Offers Distraction and Entertainment

Fidget toys are excellent for providing distraction and entertainment for children while traveling. These products can help them remain calm and engaged during long journeys, which can be particularly useful when traveling by plane or car.

5. Enhances Social Interaction

Sensory-friendly travel bags and backpacks can encourage social interaction with peers. Children can share their sensory items, which can help build social skills and create connections with others.

Overall, using sensory products while traveling with autistic and ADHD children can make the experience more comfortable, manageable, and enjoyable for both the child and parent.

What to Consider When Choosing Sensory Products for Traveling

Traveling with autistic and ADHD children can be a challenging experience. Sensory products can help make the journey easier and more comfortable for both you and your child. However, with so many different products available, it can be challenging to choose the right ones for your child’s needs. Here are some factors to consider when selecting sensory products for traveling:

Sensory Preferences

The first factor to consider when choosing sensory products for traveling is your child’s sensory preferences. Some children may prefer tactile stimulation, while others may prefer visual or auditory stimulation. Consider your child’s preferences when selecting products that will help them regulate their senses.

Space savers

When traveling, you’ll need to choose products that are easy to transport and won’t take up too much space in your luggage. Portable items such as fidget toys and chewable necklaces are ideal for on-the-go use.


Your child may become agitated or frustrated during travel, which could lead to items being thrown or damaged. Look for durable products that can withstand the rigors of travel and won’t easily break or fall apart.


Ensure that the sensory products you choose are safe for your child to use. For example, chewable necklaces should be made from non-toxic materials, and fidget toys should not have small parts that could be a choking hazard.

Budget & Value

Sensory products can vary in cost, so it’s important to set a budget and stick to it. Consider purchasing items that have multiple uses and can be used beyond the trip to get the most value for your money. By taking these factors into account, you can choose sensory products that will provide the right level of stimulation and comfort for your child during travel. Now dive in and see which ones work best!

Top Sensory Products for road trips

When it comes to traveling with autistic and ADHD children, having the right sensory products can make all the difference. Here are some of the top sensory products to consider for your next trip:

1. Weighted Blankets and Lap Pads

Weighted blankets and lap pads can help provide a calming and soothing effect for children who may struggle with anxiety and sensory processing issues. They work by applying deep pressure to the body, which can help to reduce stress and promote relaxation. This weighted lap pad is from SensaCalm and has fidgets on it and is perfect for traveling!

One of the most effective sensory products for autistic and ADHD children are weighted blankets and lap pads. These products provide deep pressure stimulation, which has been proven to calm and soothe children with sensory processing disorders. Weighted blankets are designed to provide a feeling of comfort and security, mimicking the sensation of a warm hug. The added weight of the blanket stimulates the release of serotonin and dopamine, helping children to relax and feel more at ease.Lap pads work in a similar way, providing the same deep pressure stimulation but on a smaller scale. They can be used while sitting or lying down and are ideal for use on car rides or plane journeys.

Overall, weighted blankets and lap pads are a highly effective and portable solution for helping autistic and ADHD children to manage their sensory needs while traveling. There is also a Travel Weighted Blanket from SensaCalm that is very convenient because it comes with a blanket and a matching pillow that is a condensed version and easy to pack. We’ve found these items to be super convenient while traveling.

2. Fidget Toys and Chewable Necklaces

Fidget toys and chewable necklaces from SensaCalm can help children with ADHD and sensory issues to stay calm and focused during long car rides or plane trips. These items provide a safe and appropriate outlet for kids to channel their energy and help to relieve anxiety and stress. We’ve found this company to have a lot of valuable unique items tailored specifically for neurodivergent kiddos.

3. Noise-Canceling Headphones and Earplugs

Noise-canceling headphones and earplugs are essential for any child who is sensitive to loud noises. These items can help to block out background noise, which can be overwhelming and distracting for some children with autism and ADHD. The most affordable option we’ve found are on Amazon for $23. The 65,000 reviews are of happy customers who agree that these are a great option for kiddos who have sensitive hearing.

4. Sensory Brushes and Textured Balls

Sensory brushes and textured balls can help to stimulate the senses and provide a tactile experience for children with autism and sensory processing issues. These items can be particularly helpful during long car rides or plane trips, where children may become restless and bored.

5. Scented Items and Calming Aromatherapy

Scented items and calming aromatherapy products, such as essential oils, can help to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety for children with autism and ADHD. These products can be particularly helpful during stressful travel situations, such as long waits in airports or crowded public spaces. This weighted neck pillow is great if your little one will let you put an item on their neck. They also have weighted eye pillows as well.

6. Sensory-friendly Travel Bags and Backpacks

Having a sensory-friendly travel bag or backpack can help to keep all of your child’s sensory products organized and easily accessible during your trip. Look for bags that are durable, easy to clean, and have plenty of pockets and compartments for storing all of your child’s sensory items.

Fidget Toys and Chewable Necklaces

Another type of sensory product that can help calm and soothe autistic and ADHD children on the go are fidget toys and chewable necklaces. These products provide a way for children to release excess energy and anxiety by occupying their hands and mouths with safe and chewable items.

There are a variety of fidget toys and chewable necklaces available on the market, with some of the most popular brands including Chewigem, Chewable Charm, and Sensory FX and SensaCalm. Chewigem offers a wide range of chewable jewelry in different shapes, colors, and textures, while Chewable Charm specializes in chewable necklaces that can also be customized to match the child’s personal style. Sensory FX offers a range of fidget toys and sensory items, including their popular Tangle Toy and Stress Ball. Our go to company for these items is SensaCalm. They provide a large variety of travel items including ear plugs, chewables and weighted blankets.

When choosing fidget toys and chewable necklaces, it’s important to consider the child’s preferences and needs. Some children may prefer softer textures, while others may like firmer chewables. Additionally, some children may benefit more from fidget toys that provide tactile stimulation, such as squishy balls or spinners, while others may prefer fidgets that offer visual or auditory stimulation, such as light-up toys or rattles. Overall, fidget toys and chewable necklaces can be a great addition to any sensory travel kit for autistic and ADHD children. Not only do they provide a way for children to regulate their emotions and behaviors, but they can also serve as a fun and engaging distraction during long car rides or plane trips.

Noise-Canceling Headphones and Earplugs

Traveling can be stressful for anyone, but it can be especially overwhelming for children on the autism spectrum or with ADHD. Loud noises, crowded areas, and new surroundings can all contribute to sensory overload and anxiety. That’s where noise-canceling headphones and earplugs come in handy.

These sensory products are designed to help children with autism and ADHD block out unwanted noise and create a more calming environment. They can be especially useful during flights or long car rides, where outside noise can be particularly distracting.

Some popular brands of noise-canceling headphones for children include: Sensa Calm, Mokata, LilGadgets, and Noot Products. These headphones are often designed with extra padding and soft ear cushions to make them more comfortable for kids to wear for extended periods. Some even have built-in volume limiters to protect young ears from hearing damage.

Earplugs are also a great option for children who don’t like wearing headphones or who need something smaller and more discreet. Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs (seen on TV’s Shark Tank) are reusable earplugs designed for sound quality that are used by individuals with autism and other sensory disorders. Unlike earmuffs that block and muffle sounds, Vibes reduce the volume of loud environments to a more comfortable level, while still allowing the user to hear everything clearly and easily communicate with those around them. 

When choosing noise-canceling headphones or earplugs for traveling, it’s important to consider your child’s specific needs and preferences. Some kids may prefer headphones with bright colors or fun designs, while others may be more comfortable with plain black earplugs.

Ultimately, the goal is to provide your child with a tool that can help them regulate their sensory input and create a more peaceful, comfortable environment while on the go. Noise-canceling headphones and earplugs are just one of many sensory products that can make travel less stressful for both children and parents alike.

Sensory Brushes and Textured Balls

Sensory brushes and textured balls are two great options for children who seek tactile stimulation. These products can be especially helpful during long car rides or flights where there may not be many opportunities for kids to move around or play.

One popular brand for sensory brushes is the Wilbarger Brush. These brushes have a soft texture that can help to provide a calming sensation for children with sensory processing issues. Another option is the Sensory Brush from Fun and Function, which has a unique design that makes it easy for kids to hold and use.

When it comes to textured balls, there are several brands to choose from. Some popular options include the Sensory Ball Set from YoYa and the Massage Ball Set from Kieba. These balls are designed to provide a variety of textures, from spiky to smooth, and can be used for both sensory stimulation and play.

While these products can be incredibly helpful for many children with sensory issues, it’s important to remember that every child is different. Be sure to talk to your child’s occupational therapist or healthcare provider to determine what types of sensory products may be most helpful for your child’s individual needs.

Sensory-friendly Travel Bags and Backpacks

Having a sensory-friendly bag or backpack can be incredibly helpful in keeping your child calm and comfortable while traveling. These bags are specifically designed to provide a safe and secure space for sensory items and to minimize potential sensory overload.

There are many popular brands that specialize in sensory-friendly travel bags and backpacks, including:

1. Sensory Scout: This company offers a range of sensory-friendly products, including backpacks that feature removable sensory panels with different textures and fidgets. The backpacks also have a special “calm down” pocket that is lined with soft, soothing fabric.

2. Friendly Bands: This company’s sensory-friendly backpacks feature adjustable straps and removable panels with various textures, including soft and squishy options. The backpacks also have multiple pockets and a built-in insulated lunch box.

3. YULU: The “Pop Pals” backpacks from YULU feature interchangeable character panels that are also sensory-friendly. The panels can be switched out for different characters, each with their own unique sensory features, such as glitter, soft fabric, or textured surfaces.

4. Sensory TheraPLAY Box: This company offers a subscription box service that includes a monthly delivery of sensory-friendly toys and tools, as well as a backpack that is specifically designed to hold all of the items included in the box. The backpack has adjustable straps and multiple pockets to keep items organized.

When choosing a sensory-friendly travel bag or backpack, consider the size and weight, as well as the number of compartments and pockets. You’ll also want to look for bags that are made from durable materials and have adjustable straps to ensure a comfortable fit.

Now you are packed and ready to go on your trip! Whether it’s a short or a long trip, make sure you have these essentials to make the trip so much more enjoyable for the entire family. It works for our family and we know it will work for yours too. Happy travels!

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